A downloadable game for Windows

This is my first released game jam game! :D

As the Time runs out, long and short cubes come towards you on two tracks, which you can move sideways between (using A & D or < & >).

Gain Charge by destroying a cube: move sideways into it.

Gain Time by destroying a cube: move forward into it while 'attacking' forward (W or ^), but 'attacking' forward must expend Charge.

If you destroy a long cube from start to finish you get a bonus (Charge or Time depending which side you destroy it from).

A red side on a cube means you cannot destroy it from that side while a white side means you can, each cube has random sides.

Crashing into a cube removes most of your Time and Charge. And the game end when the Time runs out, see how far you can get!

Comment your Highscore!


BlazerZipped.zip 130 MB

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